Genie Garage Doors: The Name You Have Come to Trust

Best Overhead Door proudly offers Genie garage doors and Genie garage door openers to our customers in the Portland, OR area. Genie is one of the most trusted and well-known companies in the industry and this can be attributed to their outstanding record of dependable Genie garage door openers. Ever since their start as the Alliance Manufacturing Company in 1923, to their manufacturing of dependable equipment during the tumultuous time in the 1940’s, Genie has been a brand trusted for having reliable products.

And this brand trust and loyalty has transitioned into their Genie garage door openers and the advanced features that they exhibit. For example, Genie has provided a cutting-edge technology called Intellicode for their Genie garage door openers, which automatically changes the security code each time the transmitter is activated. This random generated code can be one of billions of combinations so you can fee safe and secure, knowing that your Genie garage door cannot be compromised. This can be coupled with their Safe-T-Beam which is an infrared beam system that makes sure nothing is in the door’s path to prevent entrapment.

As Genie continues to innovate and keep you and your loved ones secure, they stay true to their history. As a reliable company no matter what product they manufacture, you can depend on Genie overhead doors to keep you safe. Ask our knowledgeable staff about the Genie products we offer today!