Liftmaster Garage Doors: The Trusted Brand in Garage Door Manufacturers

One of the most recognizable brands in the industry is Liftmaster. Garage doors with Liftmaster garage door openers can be some of the most secure garage doors on the market. Utilizing some amazing security features, Liftmaster garage door openers can help ease your worries of compromised garage doors. This includes security measures like keyless entry systems and a revolutionary fingerprint keyless entry. For the ultimate techno-junkie, the fingerprint keyless entry can support up to 10 individual fingerprints, which can have your entire family gain access without any kind of key or remote, and keep unwanted individuals out.

Even When The Electricity Is Out...

...your garage door can still work! Certain Liftmaster garage door openers utilize a completely unique feature that keep a full-charge when the electricity is working, so that when the lights go out, you are not stuck with a garage door that does not work. The Portland, OR area is no stranger to blackouts, so this feature can definitely come in handy. Being able to lift and close up to 40 times in a 24-hour period using its battery charge; Liftmaster garage door openers can cure an annual headache for any resident of the Pacific Northwest!

For more information regarding the security features offered by Liftmaster and how it can benefit you in your particular situation, contact Best Overhead Door in Portland, OR.