Portland, OR Garage Door Maintenance and Garage Door Services

The best way to protect your custom-built garage door is by properly maintaining your investment. Without proper garage door services and maintenance, your door could become cracked, can build up rust, or you may even need to invest in a replacement garage door opener. Garage door openers, not just the door itself, are susceptible to wear and tear, malfunctioning and breaking if not inspected often enough. Best Overhead Door does use the highest quality materials and parts, even providing a one year parts and labor warranty for custom wood doors, but neglect can eventually ruin a new door. It is important to note that Best Overhead Door does not warranty the finish, and if working with different finishes and paints, consultation with those experts is very important in prolonging the life of your garage door.

Routinely inspecting the door itself for scratches, dings and other signs of stress are vital in keeping the dangers of rust or misalignment under control. Make sure to properly pay attention to the machinery that powers your door so a replacement garage door opener is not necessary any sooner than need be.

Garage Door Springs Service and Replacement

Garage door spring replacement is very dangerous if you are not aware of how powerful these mechanisms are. Having your garage door springs serviced by a professional company is the best option if you do not have previous experience working with garage door springs.

Maintenance and routine inspection can help deter broken garage door springs. With the incredible force that is necessary to have garage door openers function multiple times per day for a long period of time, the machinery that are "behind the doors" are incredibly vital to keep maintained. If you notice any odd sounds, unnatural creaking, straining or strange noises coming from your garage door springs, please let Best Overhead Door know as soon as possible. Catching a problem before it can balloon into a disaster can be avoided with routine inspection.

Again, the act of garage door spring replacement is quite dangerous. And the damage that can be done if improperly serviced can truly cause massive issues with your overall garage door and opener system. If trying a do-it-yourself method, make sure to be properly prepared and aware of the dangers in the process. Because of the risks involved with your safety, and with the well-being of the door and garage door opener, your best bet is to call Best Overhead Door and we can assist you in getting your garage door back and working as well as the day it was installed.